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Centaur Ridge CenTac MP-35 Tactical Flashlight

Command a powerful 740-foot beam of pure LED illumination with the Centaur Ridge CenTac MP-35 Tactical Flashlight. 1200 Lumen

This powerful flashlight features some advanced useful features while still being intuitive and lightning fast to operate. Made with aircraft 6061 grade-aluminum alloy, the light is less than an inch in diameter but will seem like a much beefier flashlight to anyone watching you turn it on!

When you activate the light, the battery indicator turns on and gives you an easy readout of your remaining power.

You get your choice of battery as well: Dual-Fuel means you have the option at checkout to get either two CR123A batteries or two rechargeable li-ion 18650 batteries.

Carrying the CenTac MP-35 is a breeze and easily fits in a holster, pocket, backpack, or bags. With your purchase, you’ll get a lanyard, batteries, O-rings, and user manual.


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